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Try our concrete pump solution today, and get your job completed with minimal fuss and hassle. You can trust Pez to meet your needs every time!

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Get your concrete delivered to direct to your site with Pez Concrete and Liquid Screed. We cover Shropshire and surrounding areas and work hard to provide you with the concrete you need whenever you need it.

Moving concrete around a busy site can be a nightmare, especially if you have to use a wheelbarrow to go back and forth. Firstly, the mess is tough to clean up, and you may end up causing damage to other parts of the job that have been completed. The best way to avoid this difficult situation is to get your concrete delivered by a pump from Pez!

Having concrete delivered by pump provides you with a precision solution for all your building projects and can be arranged with minimal notice so that you are never left without work to do. Our pumps are designed to be manoeuvred around the smallest sites so that you can cut out the need to move it yourself. In fact, we can even come up with bespoke solutions when accessibility is an issue.

As the premier choice across Shropshire, we have worked on many different projects, providing us with the expertise you need. We will mix our concrete when we arrive on-site so that there is no wastage.