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Grab Hire

If you’re looking for a quick and cost-effective solution for rubbish and waste removal, then grab hire is an excellent solution for your needs.

Grab hire is a service provided to homeowners and businesses to help them remove waste from their premises. A lorry will be used with a long hydraulic arm to pick up large items of waste and dispose of them safely.
Usually used in commercial, industrial or construction sites, grab hire is the ideal solution for removing unwanted items from your property. Difficult to reach areas where the waste is stored is not a problem for the strong grab arm, and it saves you time and effort moving the waste yourself by manpower.
As these lorries are quite large, about three metres in width, we need to have sufficient space around the lorry in order to be able to successfully pick up the waste. We can manoeuvre the arm, however if we need to move into a small space the area needs to be cleared before we arrive.
We can collect a large variety of waste from your site with our quality grab lorries, including but not limited to: soil, rubble, broken concrete slabs, aggregate, general waste, wood, plastic, topsoil, tree cuttings, hedge trimmings and so much more.
It usually takes around 20 minutes to clear the waste depending on the amount and how it has been positioned ready for pick up. If you have gathered everything together before we arrive, then it’s as simple as using the mechanical arm to load the pieces one by one. If the material is scattered around, it will take us much longer to navigate the lorry and the arm.
As our grab lorries weigh in at 16 tonnes, and the maximum they can carry is 32 tonnes, then we can take approximately 16 tonnes at a time. There is however a limited amount of space not related to the weight of the material, so typically we can remove around 12-15 cubic metres of material at any one time, of course depending on its size and shape.
If we add the extension, then it is possible to reach up to around 8 metres in distance. This means we can reach places where the lorry is not able to fully access, or remove material from a pile away from the main road or access point.
Yes, we can use the arm to pick up and remove material from over a fence or wall easily as long as we are able to see what we are doing from the platform. There should always be a clear space around the grab arm and no overhanding branches or bushes which could interfere with the operation.
For us to be able to remove your waste efficiently, it’s imperative that you try to place all of the material in a single place where the grab lorry can easily reach. At the front of your property near to the main road is ideal, and you need to make sure that there are no branches or cables which could interfere with the removal process.
There are numerous benefits to grab hire over skip hire, such as the fact you don’t need a long term permit, there is no unsightly container on your street, it can be done in just twenty minutes, and we can hold much more material than any skip could.
We have a fixed price per grab hire lorry we send out if you will be using the full space available on one of our lorries. Get in touch for an accurate quote for your individual needs.