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Concrete FAQs

Cement is the dry powder that we use to create concrete whereas concrete is a mix of cement, water and a selection of other aggregates.

That depends on what you need the concrete for! We can make concrete for all purposes, including ultra free-flowing for awkward areas so that you get the best finish every time.

Concrete always uses water, cement and aggregates, but the ratios differ depending on the type of concrete you need. We can also add in other materials such as fibres to add strength or plasticisers to make it more workable. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we will mix the perfect concrete for you.

Some concretes are more eco-friendly than others and if you are looking for an eco-friendly mix, then talk to us about your requirements. We can mix concrete that is permeable or pervious so that your project is less likely to become flooded. We can also use recycled aggregates to reduce your environmental impact.

Concrete can be recycled if it is taken to a specialist facility. However, it will only be accepted if it is clean so you will need to sort it from other materials first.

Some types of concrete are made to be porous, just let us know what you need when you call to discuss your requirements, and we will mix you the perfect solution.

No concrete mix is ever fully waterproof, but some are less porous than others. We can provide watertight concrete with damp proofing so that you can be confident that there will be no water ingress.

When it comes to choosing your concrete type, you will need to consider the project you are undertaking as well as the area you are working in and the purpose of your structure. We can provide a huge range of concrete types so just get in touch and we will talk you through your options.

Sometimes it may be necessary to pour concrete in the rain or cold, but you will find that it takes longer to cure. If you are pouring in the rain, then it is vital that the area is kept as dry as possible and that there is someone on hand to ‘wipe’ the surface free of excess water when it has been poured.

It is not possible to pour concrete in the snow or onto the frozen ground because of the high water content. However, we can pour concrete even in the worst weather if you have kept the area dry and free from snow or ice.

There is no way to stop concrete from cracking entirely. However, you can mitigate the number and severity of cracks by using the right amount of water and the right type of concrete for your project. We are always here to help you work out the best choice whenever you need us.

When you book a concrete delivery, we will give you a two-hour time slot so that you have a good idea of when we will arrive. We can often provide next-day delivery if you need your concrete in a hurry or we can take advance bookings if you know when you will need us.

We will need a place to park when we arrive that is around 10-15 metres in length and around 3-4 meters wide. If you need a concrete pump as well, you will need to increase the length to 20m for us to park.