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Volumetric Concrete Buyer’s Guide

Get the Right Amount

As volumetric concrete is mixed on-site, you can request the quantity on the day. This means if your project changes between ordering your concrete and delivery day, it is no problem. You will not be stuck with an invoice for concrete you didn’t need, and if you underestimated the amount you need, you wouldn’t have to place a second order.
Get the Right Type of Concrete
Unless you are an expert, it isn’t easy to be 100% sure you have ordered the correct concrete for the job. With volumetric concrete, the operator can alter the grade or slump of the concrete to suit your needs. They can also include admixture if required. This can be vital if your needs have changed as you won’t have wasted money and you won’t have to wait for a different order to be processed. Your operator on the day will be able to offer you advice on the best way forward for your project.

No Mess and No Waste

DIYers tend to find it tempting to mix their own concrete if it’s just for a small amount. This can be a messy process! At Pez Concrete and Screed, we can deliver any amount of concrete, no matter how small or large and we take full responsibility for cleaning up. As we will only mix the amount you need, there will also be no waste to be disposed of.
Choosing the Right Material

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