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Screed for Underfloor Heating

Use Pez for underfloor heating screeding and look forward to evenly dispersed heat that feels great whenever you walk around your home.

If you are looking for screed for underfloor heating, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Pez Concrete and Liquid Screed, we take pride in offering the best service to customers across the Shropshire area.

More people are turning to underfloor heating because it provides warm floors and reduces the number of radiators that are taking up space. However, the installation of underfloor heating must be completed by an expert! We make the process easier with our special underfloor screed mix and can deliver it to you ready to pour.

Our screed not only provides a flawless finish but is also self-levelling and pours freely so that it can get into all the tight corners and nooks. As it pours so easily, nothing will get in the way of your heating working well, and you can look forward to even warmth across the entire area.