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Quality, Affordable Screeding Solutions Based In Shrewsbury


Shrewsbury builders contact us all the time to get their screed and concrete pumping needs met because we offer a personalised service to all our customers. If you contact us you will be impressed with our commitment to customer service. We will happily provide you with a free quote and are always willing to visit you on-site to discuss the job so that there are no hiccups when it comes to the perfect pour.

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Liquid Screeding

If you are considering using concrete or cement screed then stop and take a moment to consider our anhydrite screed for your floor screeding needs based right here in Shrewsbury. This floor screeding method not only self levels but also uses less material; making it cheaper to use and quick to dry a perfect combination!

The great thing about our product is that it is a perfect partner to underfloor heating and allows the heating to work to it s optimum, giving you happier clients! The screed is thinner than other traditional screed and so the flooring output can be maximised and enjoyed within minutes of it being turned on.

If you have a larger area to cover then our floor screeding is also perfect for this as we can cover up to 2000m2 in one day. The reason we can cover such a vast area is that the floor screed is pumped out in a liquid consistency and self levels as it is applied. This not only makes it easy to lay but also reduces the workforce needed to complete the job, helping you to stay within budget.

The finished screed floor will be perfectly level and ready for light footfall after 48 hours. You can then choose whether to leave it to dry or force dry it by using the underfloor heating and dehumidifiers to your advantage. The speed of drying is one of the reasons our floor screeding is so popular but it is also a premium product, giving you the best results possible.

Why don t you drop us an email today outlining your needs and let us give you a free quote? We think you will be very happy with the price and timespan we come back with. We are also happy to come and visit the site to get a feel for the job or consider any tight areas that need to be screeded. Get in touch today.

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