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Boom Pump FAQs

When you use a boom pump, you can get concrete to the most difficult to reach areas with ease. This includes up high or in low locations and fits into spaces where a ground line doesn’t work.

Two of the most common boom pumps are the roll and fold boom pump and the Z boom pump. Here at Pez, we offer both types so that you can get the right equipment for the job whenever you need it.

  • The roll and fold offers really good control and is far-reaching for the most difficult locations.
  • The Z book pump is perfect for multi pours and bigger jobs. It comes in five sections to reach anywhere you need it to go.

Boom pumps can be used on commercial or domestic jobs that have hard to access locations. They can be lifted over buildings if there is no access to the site or can be used to pour concrete in multi-level buildings.

Yes, we have boom pumps that range from 20m to 42m so that we can reach all your requirements. Call our team to discuss your needs and find out which pump will work the best for you.

Concrete is pumped at 1m3 through our boom pumps, making them a fast, efficient and clean solution to getting concrete to your site.

We have boom pumps that can reach between 20 and 42m high and there are also extenders that we can use to reach up to 70m in height!

  • There are many great reasons to use a boom pump. Some of the benefits include:
  • Speedy delivery so you can keep to timescales
  • Extendable options to mitigate any barriers
  • Lower costs as less manpower is needed
  • Cleaner system with no need for wheelbarrows or lengthy clean up afterwards
  • Delivery that is metered to help you stick to your budget
  • High powered machinery that pumps your concrete the distance required

It depends on your needs! We can pump our concrete vertically or horizontally, making it a great solution for any site and any job.

When you choose Pez to deliver your concrete, you will need to provide approximately 20m of parking area for our truck and mixer to work.

Boom pumps are typically between 20m and 70m in length. When on-site, our team will extend the boom pump to the required size for the job.